Ellie Byrom-Haley

Ellie Byrom-Haley, whose background is in photography and painting creates multi-media works of art that combine these disciplines with the textural aspects of mixed media paintings and drawings. Combining natural and found materials with man-made objects into painterly backgrounds her work takes on an abstract feel. Byrom Haley’s work in advertising and design for many years has influenced the iconography and composition of her pieces.

Byrom-Haley considers her work a journey, “Collage is a process of selection, dimension, juxtaposition, and association- Metzinger’s “fusion of objects within a limited space.” A field of color and a simple piece of paper can interact, conjuring a third thing capable of evoking a powerfully heartfelt and transcendent response.

One never quite knows exactly where such a journey begins, or where it will end. It's a mystery possessed of both difficulty and delight. It is a celebration of fates.

About ArtThis!

At ArtThis! we believe that style is not a display of wealth but an expression of imagination. Our homes are places of comfort and inspiration, the place where you get to express yourself and flex your creative muscles. Having a home filled with art is a perfect way to create that inspired environment. But finding art you love and that you can afford is not always easy. That’s why owners Ellie Byrom Haley and Cole Haley founded ArtThis! to offer art lovers, designers, creatives and homeowners an opportunity to purchase art at reasonable prices. 

The beauty of ArtThis! is that we offer a wide variety of art that you can customize to fit your needs, both size and dollar wise. Browse our site for the perfect piece of art to inspire your home or office. Enjoy!

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